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Council Briefs, June 10: “Goat bylaw” in review

Weed shops now in province’s hands, 2018 in review, and new members on airport board
Tanny and Hanny the goats outside the Moby Dick Inn, in Prince Rupert. (Shannon Lough / The Northern View)

At the June 10 council meeting, while “Team Raptors” may have been losing, “Team Goats” were winning.

Mayor Lee Brain presented a resolution to council to review the City’s livestock bylaw after much public discussion has been centred around Prince Rupert’s two newest residents, goats Tanny and Hanny.

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Brain said the revision is in-line with Prince Rupert’s 2030 Sustainable City policy, which calls for more urban agriculture, decribed as “a broad range of activities, including small-scale home gardens, larger-scale urban farms, community gardens, farmers markets, aquaculture, small livestock, and more.”

Unfortunately for the goat duo, this does not mean that they get to extend their stay at the inn, due to the fact that the reports and recommendations will take some time and it is no guarantee the law will change.

Teresa Lee, the owner of the Moby Dick Inn, who owns the goats, said Tanny and Hanny had to leave by 1 p.m. on Tuesday, June 11. That was the only time the former owner from Hazelton could pick the goats up.

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Lee said she plans to bring the goats back if the bylaw is amended at a later date.

Councillor Nick Adey said the purpose of the livestock prohibition bylaw is first and foremost meant to protect the best interest of the animals and should not be changed.

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Weed shops “now in the province’s hands”

The High Culture Shop Inc., which applied to open a cannabis retail store in Five Corners in January, got the final green light from council.

Two cannabis store proposals were put before council and now their applications are in the province’s hands. The first application is a private, non-governmental store to be located at 1100 Park Avenue.

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The second will be a Government Cannabis Store located at 100 Second Avenue West. It will be located next to the liquor store but will have a separate entrance.

Brain explained that this was the final approval step on the City’s end, however, the province will be getting the last say on the applications.

Letters poured in from the Prince Rupert community expressing their support for the privately owned cannabis store. One resident however wrote that they “highly opposed” the location for High Culture Shop’s store because of its proximity to Raffles Inn Shelter, the Liquor Warehouse and a newly constructed shelter nearing completion, all locations where many vulnerable communities live or hang around.

“This area is dense with the most helpless in our community. Let’s not give them another vice within walking distance to further ruin their lives,” wrote resident Stephen Tattersall.

However, Brain said based on all available feedback from the public the city does not foresee any additional concerns for the area.

Both applications were approved unanimously.

Three new appointees to the airport board

Council ratified a resolution passed at the May 27 closed session meeting in which Cody Smith, Emerald Murphy and Antonio Vera were appointed to Prince Rupert Airport Authority Board. There is one seat left on the board which they are continuing to search for candidates for.

“Turning a corner,” 2018 in review

The city moved to accept the 2018 Statement of Financial Information (SOFI) report as well as the 2018 Annual Report, presented by Robert Long, city manager.

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Brain said he is impressed with the growth of the city and they are finally turning a corner after seeing three billion in growth this year. Highlights include revamping Watson Island and the construction of the Pembina terminal, phase 2 of Water Project, and 114 business licenses issued to new business.

The city will be hearing final comments from the public on their 2018 finances and final report at the next council meeting, before it goes through its final approval. A full report of their activities in 2018 can be found on the City’s website or at City Hall. The next council meeting is scheduled for June 24.

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