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Kaien Anti-Poverty Society robbed again

The Prince Rupert society was robbed of food for a second time this month
Colleen Hermanson discovered that 20 to 25 boxes similar to the one pictured were stolen from the Kaien Anti-Poverty Society overnight on Jan. 2. (Keili Bartlett / The Northern View) Colleen Hermanson discovered the Kaien Anti-Poverty Society was robbed overnight on Jan. 2 and again on Jan. 22.(Keili Bartlett / The Northern View)

The Kaien Anti-Poverty Society was broken into for the second time.

The burglary happened only weeks after their stockpiles of donated food was raided. This time, the culprits made off with the society’s computer — desktop, keyboard and all — as well as small appliances.

“Angry, for one. Violated again. Just wishing that this could stop,” KAPS manager Colleen Hermanson said once she discovered the second robbery on Monday, Jan. 22.

Since the first robbery, which occurred over new years weekend, Prince Rupert community members donated canned goods and other food to help replenish KAPS’s supplies — a portion of that food was also stolen.

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Hermanson said she hasn’t been able to write a complete list of everything that was stolen, but their blender, pots and pans, cutting boards and chopping block, with all of their knives, are gone.

Despite the two break-ins at their McKay Street location, Hermanson said the society can’t afford to pay rent anywhere else.

On Monday afternoon, Jan. 22, after the discovery, CityWest employees made a large donation of food. Hermanson said it should be enough to tide them over for a few weeks, so they can continue to give to those in need.

“If people want to donate food or small appliances to us so that we can restock the shelves that are now empty, that would be wonderful,” Hermanson said.

But it’s not just the food and direct need that’s been impacted by the latest robbery.

“It affects a lot of the paperwork I need to do to keep the program going. Without a computer, I’m kind of lost now. When it comes to my ability to report to our funding agency or to others that are wanting by emails, I don’t have that ability to use a computer right now,” she said.

“Right now, I’m likely going to go home and get on my home computer to see what I can do to salvage things and put life back to as much normality as I can.”

More to come.

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