The Grinch who stole from the anti-poverty society. (File photo)

The Grinch who stole from the anti-poverty society. (File photo)

In Our Opinion: Grinch who stole from KAPS

Prince Rupert had its very own Grinch over the holidays

All their windows were dark. Quiet rain filled the air. All the Rupertites were dreaming sweet dreams without care.

Prince Rupert had its very own Grinch over the holidays. While people were on break from work someone broke into the Kaien Anti-Poverty Society (KAPS) and pilfered all food for the luncheons meant for the seniors and others in need.

KAPS usually holds its own Christmas hamper after the wave of donations during the holidays, making sure that lots of food continues to be distributed in January.

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But not this time. Someone, who the police are still searching for, had cleared the shelves and emptied the boxes. There will be no merriment or singing around a Christmas tree like those people in Whoville. Those adorable fictional folks could still celebrate Christmas without material gifts. However, many people in Prince Rupert need food to fill their tummies.

In a chilling remark, Colleen Hermanson with KAPS said they haven’t had to turn people away — “But that could be coming soon.”

The news of the theft came the same week the youths, allegedly, vandalized Mariners Park. Offensive words, names, and paint sprayed the new toys at the children’s park mere months after the Lions Club, another hard-working service society in this community, fundraised tens of thousands with other partners to renovate the park.

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But the RCMP found the park perpetrators. Perhaps the Grinch is next, and if so, let him put his hand to his ear and hear the sound of Rupertites continuing to work together to lift this community up, he or she is welcome to join in the merriment at any time.

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