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15 family-sized units create a dent in Prince Rupert housing crunch

Extensive work at Pine Crest, Landlord said
Extensive work, right down to underground water lines, is being completed at Pine Crest Townhomes on Nov. 5, to ready rental units making a dent in the Prince Rupert housing crunch. (Photo: K-J Millar/The Northern View)

Fifteen renovated family-sized housing units will create a dent in the Prince Rupert housing crunch as the townhome complex on Immanuel St. nears completion after delays from COVID-19 slowed the project.

“Covid 19 has caused significant delays in the project, and we are excited that we can finally start adding these renovated units back into the city’s housing stock, as we know they are needed,” Stephen Rodrozen, landlord, told The Northern View. “Extensive work is being completed on the property.”

Rodrozen, Avichai Shachar and Peter Trieu are principal partners in 1232949 B.C. Ltd., which owns and is renovating the 32 unit Pine Crest Townhomes.

Renovictions of the tenants made news headlines, first reported in The Northern View, in March 2020 due to a large number of people and families affected. The evictions were necessary to complete the much-needed repairs to the units, the owner said.

“The project renovation is taking place in a staggered manner, as planned with the tenants. The first block, block B, is now in the completion stage. The interiors are completed, and the exterior landscaping, earthworks, and parking are being worked on,” Rodrozen said.

The phased approach to construction was implemented due to the individual condition of each building, he said. Phase 1, or Block B, is expected to be completed at the end of November because it was in the best condition requiring the least amount of work.

“It had all newer vinyl windows, so those didn’t need replacing. All of the copper water lines were replaced in the units. The washer and dryer were relocated from kitchens into a designated laundry closet,” Rodrozen said. “All bathrooms and powder rooms were completely gutted. New tile, new tubs and new vanities were installed.”

Flooring, electrical and plumbing fixtures throughout the units were replaced, with new kitchens being built and new appliances being added, he said.

The property has been without water for six months due to numerous leaks. Water mains from city lines to the buildings are being replaced, and new central heating boilers are being installed. New roofs will be added to the structures.

“Phases 2 and 3 require a lot more work, as those structures are in worse shape,” Rodrozen said.

Those units will require gutting to the studs due to rotted framing. Window replacement, new insulation and new drywall will all be installed.

“The floors are being self-levelled, and the finishings are going to be spectacular. Phase 2 should be completed by the end of January, and phase 3, which requires the most attention, will be gutted and completed by late spring 2022.”

Rodrozen said the community grounds will also be transformed, though this will also be done in phases, and designated parking for each unit will be allocated.

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