This Week Podcast – Episode 35

Seafest or Landfest, the hosts debate the sudden shake up of a 39-year-old tradition.

This Week Podcast – Episode 34

A preview on events this weekend, including Relay for Life, Smolt Fest, Bike to Work Week and more.

This Week Podcast – Episode 33

This week we examine end-of-life care, the crane arrival and the B.C. Annual Dance Competition.

This Week Podcast – Episode 32

For a special podcast we follow Tyler and Kim to the voting place for the 2017 B.C. election.

This Week Podcast – Episode 31

Park enhancements, soup bowls and autism awareness are all subjects on Prince Rupert’s podcast.

Herb Pond wins B.C. Liberal North Coast nomination

Former Prince Rupert Mayor defeats Rodney Proskiw to take on NDP incumbent Jennifer Rice

This Week Podcast – Week 23

Happy International Women's Day! Tyler & Kim of MacCarthy GM read through the headlines & talk about Ed Day's Llama's & the Rainmakers!

  • Mar 8, 2017