Seniors team wins the Prince Rupert Founders Cup event

That was a great weekend for golf!!

That was a great weekend for golf!!

The Darren Clarke story, as winner of the British Open, is truly an example of a fine human being overcoming life’s setbacks to rise to the top.

His love of life and enjoyment that he received through competing at the highest level were never more visible than  at the Match Play event a few years back, when he met a rising Tiger Woods in the 36 hole final.

After the morning round, Woods went to the practice area to work on his game, while Clarke retired to the clubhouse for a burger, a beverage and a cigar.

Darren Clarke was always considered a contender, especially in Europe where he played  most of his competitive golf, but his career was stalled as his wife fought cancer and there was a young family to watch over.

When Clarke returned to the World scene shortly after his wife lost her battle, he played an inspired role in Europe winning the Ryder Cup.

People who followed the event, will always remember the emotion of his teammates as they shared the moment with him.

He became a fan favorite and was this weekend as he won his first Major.

This weekend, we played our version of the Ryder Cup competition.

The idea was put together by Larry Gordon, Richard Wright and Jeff Burghardt and is a highly competitive weekend between the Junior Team of players under 50 years of age with their opponents made up of scrapings from the locker room floor.

The scrapings, known as the Seniors, prevailed for the fourth time in five years.

The event does not have prizes, other than the opportunity to sip from the Founders Cup and be first to go to the buffet table at the dinner on Sunday evening.

We  have the opportunity to play head to head with somebody you may never have played golf with, knowing the point you are competing for will affect  the team score.

It is a dream week of fellowship and competition.

Our team member, the late Harris Coburn, would be smiling this weekend as an Irishman won the British Open and his local teammates retained the Founders Cup.

Harris founded the chant SENIORS, SENIORS, which we still break in to!!

Congratulations to Susan MacKenzie and Cathy Horcoff on their victory at the Skeena Valley Ladies Open. Susan is putting together a very successful season, as she previously was victorious at the Kitimat Mr and Mrs. Carol Schaeffer also enjoyed a winning weekend in Terrace, as her and Aina Petterson took the Low Net title.

Coming up this Thursday is a charity golf Scramble sponsored by CN Rail.

Remeber the youth Junior Clinics on Tuesday mornings.