Half marathon racers and relay teams cross the starting line in Sunday’s race.

Half marathon racers and relay teams cross the starting line in Sunday’s race.

Rupert Half kicks off spring

The first half marathon of the year in Prince Rupert was under a bright sunny sky and had more than 100 participants.

Ted McCreery and Derek Flynn, with a time of 1:29:54, were the big winners of the men’s division relay half-marathon race at the Rupert Runners’ Half Marathon and Relay plus 8K event on Sunday. Brittany Segin and Brittanne O’Connor won the women’s relay with a time of 1:53:06. Second went to Anna-Maria Prohaska and Crystal Sawatzky with a solid time of 1:57:00. Third place was Heather Rose and Lena Steinbrenner coming in at 2:07:46. Winners of the mixed category were Amber and Nicholas Sheasgreen with a time of 1:46:12, second went to Steve Wessel and Bonnie Corey with a time of 1:59:25 and third place went to Tianna Wright and Michael Cote with a time of 2:01:13.

The half marathon race had two categories of male and female runners, competing in an under-40 division and 40-49 age bracket. Winners of the female and male under-40 category were Matt Redekopp (1:36:39), and Marcie LeBlanc (1:46:52). Second place finishers were Jesse Newton (1:52:23) and Caitlin DuBiel (1:48:58). Third place went to Shannon Lough with a time of 1:52:09.

The 8K Race saw the most participants. Divisions included were female and male under-40, 40-49, 50-59, 60+ and one competitor over 75.

The under-40 female division was won by Emma Payne (36:57). Second went to Leigh Anne Magnusson (37:45). Third went to Sandra Tanveen (38:43).

The under-40 men’s division winner was Lindsay Smith (31:51). Second went to Son Nguyen (32:47) and third place was won by Josh Cook (33:52).

The female 40-49 winner was Megan Reid (39:05), second went to Nola Strimbold (46:20) and third went to Jan Legaspi (49:00).

The men’s 40-49 winner was James Deltour (41:50), second went to James Koch (44:24) and third went to Mino Verde (55:12).

Gail Bennett won the women’s 50-59 age group with a time of 43:17. Second went to Elin Scott (55:06) and third place was won by Mamie Lawson (58:15).

The men’s 50-59 age group was won by Dale Robinson (42:38), second place was Bob Cuthbert (45:30), and third place was won by Finn Conradsen with a time of (55:06).

Dale White placed first in the 60+ men’s group with a time of 45:48. Mike Reid placed second (48:00) and Kury Schlegel got third place (58:55).

The lone 75+ competitor was Don Cross who finished with a solid time of 1:11:45.