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Prince Rupert soccer camp gets World Cup fever

The DP World GoalGetters soccer camp returned to Prince Rupert July 9-13

Prince Rupert played host to its own World Cup competition at the Charles Hays soccer field on July 13 as the DP World GoalGetters soccer camp returned to the city for its 18th year.

Approximately 70 young soccer players aged 5-15 were taught fundamental soccer skills, such as passing, shooting and basic ball control by the camp’s coaches.

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“It’s been going very well,” said John Sneddon, one of the camp’s main organizers. “They’re showing that they’ve got a lot of skills that they’ve developed over the passed five days.”

Sneddon has taught multiple generations of Rupert soccer players in the time he has spent in the city. Mike Pucci, manager of government affairs compliance and administration at DP World, said Sneddon taught both he and his children how to play soccer, which is why he was so willing to help facilitate the camp returning to Prince Rupert.

“Having gone through it and seeing family and friends go through it has show me how it works for all levels, their results speak for themselves,” he said.

The five-day camp concluded with a mini World Cup tournament on Friday where the players were organized into four international teams of their choice, England, Belgium, France and Scotland.

“For some reason, the kids wanted to have Scotland who doesn’t qualify very often,” Sneddon said. “And being a Scot that’s kinda hard to take, but that’s the way it is.”

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Sneddon added that he hopes the fun the players had throughout the week would translate into a love for the game that would last them for years to come.

“Hopefully we get them to create a passion for the game,” he said.

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