Prince Rupert Skating Club holds annual Ice Gala

Prince Rupert skaters showed off their talents over the weekend during their year-end performance, "Artist Medleys".

Now that spring has arrived and the winter sports seasons is coming to an end, the Prince Rupert Skating Club finished off the skating season with their annual Ice Gala held on Saturday, March 31, with this year’s theme being Artist Medleys.

The first group to perform on the ice that evening was the Canskate Group 1, consisting of Alexis Arsenault, Ethan Adams, Justin Nanan, Amelia Adams, Emily Zipser and Charumati Rajendram. The six adorable little skaters did a routine to Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez music.

Next up was soloist Jessica Slocombe, who gave it her all during her showing.

The Junior Test Line group, made up of Mikayla Larose, Kennedy Ferguson, Emily Mair, Mickaela Ward and Amy McNabb, skated next. The ladies were dressed up in punk attire including ties and pink and blue hairstreaks, while skating to Avril Lavigne music.

Then Brianna Hagen performed her solo, incorporating emotional dances moves while still doing plenty of jumps and spinning on the ice.

The Canskate Group 4 consisting of young skaters Landon Armstrong, Teagan Lemon-Shearing, Cameron Smyth Dendys, Zoe McCoy, Bryce Dixon, Joshua Thompson, Madelyn Olsen, Rowan Anam-Cara and Riley Melis was next to perform, skating to a medley of Elvis Presley songs.

Soloist Danica Ferguson was up next, showing off her graceful skating, while proving how flexible she is with moves such as lifting one leg above her head while twirling.

The Junior Star/Enriched group brought some 70’s dance moves into their routine, while also including timeless skating moves.

Graduating skater Jennifer Woodcock presented her solo routine next, performing to Kelly Clarkson’s “What Doesn’t Kill You”, with Junior Line skater Emily Mair performing her solo directly afterward.

The adorable Pre-Canskate group made up of Tyson Bomben, Kaitlyn Davies, Joseph Helin, Mason Horne, Kendra Hughes, Holly Lowe, Gianna Reece, Taya Shepert, Olivia Taylor, Kyra Palfy, Brooklyn Helen, Kaia Bubas, Gavin Helin, and Peter Joubert, then took the ice.

Soloist Amy McNabb was up next, and was followed by a Special Feature made up of Jennifer Woodcock, Mikayla Larose, Danica Ferguson, Mickaela Ward, Kaila Beaudry and Brianna Hagen.

Starting off the second half was soloist Cassidy Campbell, who skated to “Cotton Eyed Joe”.

Performing next was the Canskate Group 3 performing to Madonna songs. The group consisted of young skaters Becca Phillips, Destiny Salm, Emily Hartling, Jayna Miriampillai, Ava Farrell, and Madison MacDonald.

Then came soloist Mickaela Ward, who’s spiraling and leg lifts were impressive.

The Senior Test Line girls presented their routine next, with the four talented teenagers, Kaila Beaudry, Danica Ferguson, Jennifer Woodcock and Brianna Hagen, skating to Britney Spears music.

Kennedy Ferguson performed her solo routine before the Junior Star/Enriched squads made up of Cassidy Campbell, Skye Olmsted, Jennifer Goodacre, Cassandra Groves, Jessica Slocombe, Hopper Kendregan and Jadyn Kristmanson took the ice.

Mikayla Larose and graduating student Kaila Beaudry both performed their individual solos next.

The Canskate Group 2 made up of Kate Richards, Sophia Grav, Alli Daniele, Ellie Dickens, Anna Nguyen, Wiccem Toye-Oesch, Elena Farrell, Cali Smyth-Dendys and Olivia Zipster did their routine subsequently, skating to Shania Twain music.

It was time once again for solos, with both Jennifer Goodacre and Skye Olmsted carrying out their routines.

The final skating routine of the evening was from the Junior/Senior Test Lines, with the ladies skating to the King of Pop; Michael Jackson. The ladies skated gracefully to songs such as “Thriller”, showing off some original moves from the song’s music video.

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