Jackie Touchet

Jackie Touchet

Prince Rupert golfers take Ladies Jubilee titles

Jackie Touchet had been back in town three years before she decided to pick up a club and play some competitive golf.

Jackie Touchet had been back in town three years before she decided to pick up a club and play some competitive golf after graduating university in 2003, and it looks like the time was well spent.

Touchet won the Prince Rupert Golf Club’s Ladies Jubilee last weekend, shooting 167 for the best overall low gross score.

“2002 might have been the last year I competed (in the tourney). Three years ago I moved back to town, but I have two little kids so I haven’t really played golf in the last couple years,” she said after winning on Sunday.

Touchet had a tremendous back nine on the first day, shooting a collective 39 on the nine holes. Then on day two, her front nine was her dagger as she shot 40 out. The Rupertite was incredibly consistent too, as one shot separated her final scores from Saturday and Sunday. She shot 83 and 84 respectively.

“I just had nice, consistent shots. I didn’t get into too much trouble and I’m happy for the lack of how much I play, I’m happy with the scores,” she said.

“My long game was the better part of my game this weekend, definitely. Putting was not my strength.”

Along with organizing the tournament, Cynthia Rosario took home some hardware as well. Rosario won the overall low net component for her third time.

“I parred number two yesterday, and number nine and the rest were pars, bogeys and double bogeys. The only trouble I had yesterday was number one. My third approach to the green went in the creek so I thought [that was it].  I was hoping I could pull it out, I still had 17 holes to go,” said Rosario.

The organizer shot a 177, and her handicap of 18 each day got her to 141. She was incredibly consistent on Saturday, shooting 44 on the both the front and back nine. Rosario previously won in 2006 and 2012.

“I’m just happy we were out there and Jackie was so good, I haven’t played with Jackie in my life so just watching her hit the ball, it was awesome,” she said.

“Now, in the Northwest, it’s the only tournament where you just play your own ball and it’s low gross and low net. All the other tournaments around, like Terrace, Kitimat and Smithers have now gone to a format encouraging beginner ladies, which is excellent because we need more golfers out there, but I think with this tournament, it’s good because it still has the true essence of competition,” said Touchet.

The Men’s Jubilee is scheduled for this weekend from Friday to Sunday at the golf course.