Looking forward to the annual Founders Cup event

After talking about playing golf on rainy days, we enjoyed a week of nice weather.

~By golf pro Moe Hays

After talking about playing golf on rainy days, we enjoyed a week of nice weather.

Summer is in full swing, and we notice changes in playing patterns and players.

During the peak of the fishing industry, we would experience some very busy days in the month of July as the salmon season brought several hundred seine boats, gillnetters and trawlers to town and fishermen looking for activity on shore days.

The surge in activity brought on by the fishery made up for the exodus of people away on vacation.

Fishing season was an interesting time, as many local activities were quiet, including ball leagues that wound up before people got busy.

The busy times at the golf course were limited to a couple mid-week days, as the structure of the fishery had the fleet at work from Sunday through Tuesday with delivery on Wednesday and  free time on Thursday and Friday before readying the boat to leave on Sunday.

It is fun to remember those days.

We enjoyed another very successful Rampage Golf Scramble on Saturday with a turnout of 170 people enjoying a day of golf and celebrating the hockey club. The impact of the Rampage and the interest in functions the Club organizes shows the spirit of a town supporting its sporting fraternity.

This week, we will play our Fifth Annual Founders Cup matches, an event organized by Iain Cullen and Larry Gordon. The format, follows the schedule of the International Ryder Cup matches and originally consisted of a team of golfers under 50 years of age against a group over 50. The Seniors team has managed to win three times, with the Junior team prevailing once, in 2009. There are 12 members on each team and a total of five matches played winding up with the Singles matches on Sunday.

This past weekend, we had representation at the Ladies Tournament in Terrace and the Seniors event in Smithers and Stenn Sundin represented Prince Rupert Golf Club as a member of the Zone Team, at the Provincial Junior Championships in Trail.

The oldest Open Tournament in golf tees off on Thursday at Royal Saint Georges Club in England for the playing of the British Open.

If you have a youngster looking for activity, remember the drop in Golf Clinics for boys and girls on Tuesday mornings at 10:30.

Looking for a nice weekend afternoon outing with family or friends, check out our special rates after three p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.