Hockey Academy takes interest in Rupert

A B.C.-based ministry-approved hockey school, the Pacific Rim Hockey Academy, is gauging interest in hosting one of its schools in Rupert.

A B.C.-based ministry-approved hockey school, the Pacific Rim Hockey Academy (a division of RPM Hockey), is gauging interest in hosting one of its school programs in Prince Rupert.

Depending on the level of feedback from this past Monday’s information session, RPM founder Craig Millin is looking into bringing his academy to Prince Rupert Middle School for Grades 6, 7 and 8 students in time for September.

“Our goal is to offer young people an opportunity to participate in this academy no matter where they might reside … the purpose is to keep kids engaged in school, obtain the highest academics as possible and pursue the sport they love,” said Pacific Rim founder Craig Millin, who led the discussions Monday.

Minor hockey parents in Prince Rupert have seemingly been the driving force to acquire Millin’s services as the academy is located in Terrace.

“Like many small towns, word travels fast. Prince Rupert school admin., members of minor hockey and parents have made inquiries over the past year,” said the founder.

The academy is unique because it provides students with school board-approved hockey training during class time and provides participants with core academic credit for a board of education-approved hockey course, similar to a physical education credit or an elective credit in high school. Participation numbers fall in line with suggested class sizes as set out by the ministry.

Led by two trained on-ice instructors, one goaltending instructor and an experienced middle school teacher, the program aims to enrich students’ skill-levels through exploring the technical aspects and “bio-mechanics” to increase the players’ abilities to create tactical plays and win more hockey games than they lose. The co-ed program also doesn’t interfere or clash with minor hockey.

“We always have a mix of player skills like any other hockey program … [it] includes on-ice, off-ice conditioning, tactical play, special events and classroom instruction [such as] nutrition, concussion management and goal-setting,” said Millin.

Goaltending training is available but dependent on a minimum of two players signing up and the necessary resources made available to the school from Prince Rupert Recreation.

Usually, Pacific Rim runs from September to January, but that schedule may be adjusted based on the school district and whether ice time is made available, said Millin. Terrace’s area schools have made strides in its own Pacific Rim program, said the founder.

“Terrace has had great success. In the first year, 47 middle school kids signed up … last year, we had 49 … Caledonia, will be offering a group for Grades 10-12,” said Millin.

Interested parents who missed Monday’s session and would like to register can contact Millin at