Holly Lowe

Holly Lowe

A night to remember for skating club

A season full of hard work came to a head on Saturday as the Prince Rupert Skating Club showed their stuff at “A Night at the Museum”.

A season full of talent and hard work came to a head on Saturday night as the Prince Rupert Skating Club showed their stuff at “A Night at the Museum” – their year-end skating gala at the Jim Ciccone Civic Centre.

Everyone from Pre-CanSkate learners to test skaters came together to put on a dazzling performance that featured historical figures from Teddy Roosevelt to prehistoric dinosaurs.

The level of professionalism from the talented, young figure skaters showed throughout the evening, when both the inexperienced and experienced skaters helped one another out. It was a glimpse into the close bonds that the club’s members share for each other and one could tell the level of dedication and time spent practicing their programs were both top-notch.

Things kicked off when the incredibly young, but incredibly impressive, Holly Lowe, 6, opened the show on her own in a solo skate as Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. If she was nervous, Lowe didn’t show it as the first solo act in many fine skates to come.

The night was filled with wonder and time travel that took the audience on a journey into jungles, western ranches, Narnia, the Flintstones’ Bedrock, Egyptian pyramids and even into the ring world of Microsoft’s Halo when Becca Philips skated to a stringed ensemble rendition of the legendary video game theme.

Both individual and group performances evoked laughter, cheer and applause from the captivated crowd, who said farewell to graduating members Emily Horne and Brianna Hagen.

Ed Sheeran’s “Make it Rain”, Christina Perri’s “Human”, Hozier’s “Take Me To Church” and Lorde’s “Bravado” were some of the musical offerings that the test skaters, comprised of Hagen, Horne, Amy McNabb and Mickaela Ward, centred their programs around.

Michael Gurney provided the sonorous announcing duties from the broadcasting booth, Cortney Lowe stood as the Ice Show Chair and Sheri Pringle, Tamara Ward and Kennedy Ferguson gave the skaters guidance on the ice as the club’s coaches.