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LETTER: What that social activist really said

Volunteerism truly a rewarding experience

First of all, hats off the to volunteers of the Prince Rupert Special Events Society and those in the community who helped contribute to another successful Children’s Festival.

Cautiously optimistic for the upcoming 2011 tourist season

We’re counting down to the official first day of spring. As welcome a thought as that is, it’s also alarming for those of us in the tourism industry. The season is almost upon us.
B.C. VIEWS: Time to enrich poverty debate

B.C. VIEWS: Time to enrich poverty debate

HST is no friend of service clubs

Editor: Many readers will have noticed the donation boxes for Lion Mints at various locations around town.

Details are important in understanding visitor experience

When we see things every day, no matter what sense of wonder we felt when we first saw them, they gradually become commonplace. This theme arises in many of my conversations. We are lucky, at Tourism Prince Rupert, because we are repeatedly reminded by visitors of how magical this place can seem.

Bandwidth and usage-based bills

I read with interest the piece that Alan wrote this week on CityWest and usage-based billing, a story I’ve been following intently since we first started covering it in the pages of the Prince Rupert Northern View.

Disappointed Enbridge won't attend public forums

Editor: I am most disappointed to see that Enbridge is not willing to participate in any more community forums about their proposed pipeline project.
Christy Clark has a long road to unity

Christy Clark has a long road to unity

It seems that my song remains the same for tourism

Not long ago I encountered a few 1996 copies of Prince Rupert This Week, from the height of the Mifflin Plan era and a year before the collapse of Repap. It seems that I wrote a lot about tourism. I was fresh from Prince Edward Island, and in my mind I saw warning signs at every turn.