Why isn’t Rice defending us?

North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice had a test put in front of her two weeks ago, and failed it horribly.

North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice had a test put in front of her two weeks ago, and as a public servant and the representative of the region, she failed it horribly.

On a Northwest tour that included a trip to Prince Rupert to meet with NDP members and see some of the potential development in the region, NDP provincial leader John Horgan took the opportunity in Terrace to turn the proverbial hose on economic development in Prince Rupert. You see, the BG Group is “done”, despite not having made any final investment decision and continuing to work on their project, and Pacific NorthWest LNG is sketchy because – surprise, surprise – there are salmon in the Skeena River.

Then, to finish off the rainy cloud he hovered over the bright future of the region, Horgan went on to proclaim that he thinks of LNG in Kitimat before Prince Rupert.

Quite frankly, for the leader of a party to make those kind of statements about a riding that overwhelmingly voted for his candidate is disgusting. Maybe Horgan doesn’t know about the hardships Prince Rupert has been through, but the last thing we need is the Leader of the Opposition telling us our future will be bleak while the economy down the road will boom.

Of course if you don’t think he feels he can make those statements because the NDP destroyed the Liberals on the North Coast while barely squeaking out a victory in the Skeena, you must not know how politics works.

But back to Rice.

While her leader spews doubts and pessimism about potential development in her riding, the first-term MLA is nowhere to be seen. She’s not defending the opportunities or the people in jobs related to LNG here on the North Coast and she’s not talking about what is actually happening here.

In fact, she’s not talking at all.

Here is a free lesson for Ms. Rice: John Horgan is NOT your boss. He doesn’t decide if you keep your job or not and you do not report to him. You are hired by the people of the North Coast and you answer to the people of the North Coast.

Keep that in mind the next time your fearless and thoughtless leader turns his pessimistic pontificating on the North Coast.