Suport public education

It is past time for the public to stand up and support public education.


It is past time for the public to stand up and support public education in the face of this government’s campaign to destroy public education in favour of privatizing schools – as a way to balance the budget.

Education is not a source of economy in the short term, but it definitely is the most essential profession and service required for our future economic and social growth.

Is not every child entitled to the same quality of education regardless of their economic status? Obviously, Christy Clark believes public education is lacking since she sends her child to a private school. This is a clear indication of her commitment to public education. She and her government are eroding the education system to a level where the rich will have access to quality education while the less economically fortunate will have an inferior education. What kind of sustainable society will that create?

The teachers of British Columbia have appealed to the public with their needs. We, the public, need to stand up and support our children and grandchildren by supporting our teachers in their plea to be treated and paid as professionals and to have the resources to be able to provide our children — all children and our future – with the quality education they need and deserve.

Do something to show your support and lobby the government to enter the bargaining process with the interests of children and our future in mind. Education is not to be the sacrificial lamb for fiscal responsibility.

Valerie Jeske