Something stinks about smoke shop raid

Something smells about the seizure of pipes and bongs from The Chad Smoke Shop, and it's not the smell associated with those instruments.

Something smells about the seizure of pipes, bongs and grinders from The Chad Smoke Shop, and it’s not the smell that is normally associated with those particular instruments.

Last Saturday, with warrant in hand, RCMP entered the store and seized the majority of the merchandise. Turns out this had been a six-month investigation into the shop that resulted in police confirming they were selling “drug paraphernalia used for illicit drug use”.

Ignoring the fact that the same results from a six-month investigation could be found with a six-second stop into the store, this really raises a lot of questions that strike at the heart of the credibility of this seizure.

First and foremost, why The Chad Smoke Shop?

Const. Matt Ericson said this investigation was one that was started by the RCMP and not from a complaint by members of the public. Why would the RCMP go after a store that blocks its windows from public view and restricts minors from entering when there are other businesses in town that can be accessed by people of any age and prominently display and promote the sale of pipes and bongs?

Secondly, why now?

The law referenced by the RCMP is 25 years old and includes the sale of “instruments or literature” promoting the use of drugs. Guess no RCMP officer has been into any convenience store or major book shop that sells magazines like High Times or Canabis Culture.

Third, why Prince Rupert?

The Chad Smoke Shop currently has 19 locations around the country that have been operating for years – all with valid business licences in their respective community. Apparently the RCMP don’t care about that, but they do when it is in Prince Rupert.

Should the police enforce the laws?

Absolutely. But it should be done equally.

I don’t smoke marijuana, never have and probably never will, but I am a fan of fairness and equality. This just doesn’t gel with those ideals.