Rice gives Hamilton a failing grade

In response to Todd Hamilton's opinion piece re: Rice's failing grade, published April 24th:


In response to Todd Hamilton’s opinion piece re: Rice’s failing grade, published April 24th:

“But true to form, Rice has tossed in either a little scaremongering or just plain inaccuracy. There are not nine or 10 proposals. There are five with an expression of interest in a sixth — Grassy Point… Well, she was half right, good for a D grade.”

I support realistic, environmentally sound, LNG development. By realistic I mean incorporating responsible LNG development into a diverse B.C. economy, which doesn’t abandon our other foundational industries such as forestry, fishing and tourism. The BC Liberals have tied the Province’s entire economic future to an LNG industry that is not yet in existence. This seems neither realistic nor responsible.

I’m not the only North Coast resident who’s taking into consideration the number, scale and pace of these developments and the Liberals’ over-projections of wealth to be garnered. The Gitga’at First Nation of Hartley Bay, Gitxaala First Nation and Coastal First Nations (The CFN), all communities within the North Coast have asked solicitous questions.

With respect to the number of proposed developments, I refer you to the BC Liberal party website, which sets out in their backgrounder to the Premier’s visit to Port Edward earlier this month, a list of 10 proposals.

Now I wouldn’t normally use the Liberal website for factual information. So to corroborate my statement that there are “nine or ten proposals” I refer to a Globe and Mail article of Apr. 22, 2013 – “Energy Minister Rich Coleman says he now sees 10 potential LNG export terminals dotting the coast,…”

The Northwest Institute lists nine projects in a recently published handout on Proposed LNG Projects in Northern B.C.

So I expect you will immediately take the Premier, BC Liberal Party and Mr. Coleman to task for “scaremongering”.

And I’ll regretfully have to give you an F for your research efforts prior to publishing your opinion piece.

Jennifer Rice