Prince Rupert owed waterfront access

Where is our waterfront walking path? This is unacceptable.


Where is our waterfront walking path?

Pinnacle Renewable Resources (pellet plant) has announced that the plans for a walking path from the Rotary Park all along the harbour waterfront to 11 St., that was promised at the environmental assessment process to the people of Prince Rupert, has now been abandoned. No access, they have blocked this harbour front off to the pubic.

This is unacceptable.

How could Pinnacle Renewable Resources make such a failure in judgment? In my opinion, I strongly believe there was never any intent to construct a waterfront walking pathway from Rotary park to 11 St.

In my opinion, I also believe the real reason there was never any intent to make this walking pathway was so this portion of the harbour could be left open for more silos or industry to be built. How ugly — take a look at the pellet plant and its silos, it is disgustingly ugly.

I can’t understand how such a beautiful asset to this town is being completely destroyed. With the view of the harbour disappearing the visual appeal of the city of Prince Rupert is vanishing.

Are we prepared to sacrifice the beauty of the waterfront to private company who, in my opinion, is only loyalty is to itself?

Frances Kavalec

Prince Rupert