Prince Rupert dog owners need to do more to clean up after their pooch

Why are many dog owners not picking up after their pooches?


Why are many dog owners not picking up after their pooches?

After being with two dogs at the waterfront near Kwinitsa Station today, I felt I had to submit this letter.

The amount of dog excrement left around the waterfront is appalling.

Shame on you.. those who are not picking up after their dogs!

No excuses…there are poop bags available in the area. If you are not in an area that supplies poop bags then pick up a few extra for your pocket!

What do you think… that everyone enjoys their dogs stepping in your dog’s poop or getting poop on their own shoes or pant cuffs?

I cannot believe how inconsiderate these people are and why they think they have the right for their dogs to “unload” and not pick up after them while the rest of us feel obliged to do a clean-up.

The scenario is not much different at the “doggy park” at the Civic Centre. The City was kind enough to give dog owners an enclosed area to run their dogs. So, again, this area is used by the public and their dogs and people are not picking up after their dogs there either. What’s with that?

A few weeks ago there was a young woman there, you know who you are, with two large dogs; while she yapped on her cell phone her two dogs unloaded right in front of her and she walked away.

And, yes, other people using this facility are picking up after your dogs.

People who do not own dogs are disgusted with the messes they are walking in or around everywhere in town. It is not the dog’s fault, but the fault of the ignorant guardians.

We should all be more considerate and respectful of others who are using these public areas.

It isn’t a big deal if everyone would just pick up after their dog.

Jan Palmer

Prince Rupert

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