Fairview Container Terminal (Shannon Lough / The Northern View)

Fairview Container Terminal (Shannon Lough / The Northern View)

Port of Prince Rupert’s plans are staggering

Port of Prince Rupert announces plans to quadruple in size

While they are using words such as, potential, long-term, planning and strategy, the Port of Prince Rupert’s announcement this week is nevertheless staggering in its scope and implications.

The master plan concluded, their word, not ours, that a second, yes, another terminal, will be the next phase. This is to follow the current expansion of Fairview Terminal.

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But the report did not end there.

In fact, it identified the development of multiple terminals with a long-term potential of increasing capacity from the current record-breaking 1 million TEUs in 2018 to between six and seven million TEUs.

Already the Port of Prince Rupert is one of the fastest growing ports in North America. And this container terminal master plan outlines a future when we can see operations multiply by six to seven-fold.

To many it seems like a blink of an eye, but in just more than 10 short years, the Port of Prince Rupert has started from basically scratch to the bustling, diversifying port we see today.

And that was just in the past 10 years.

This week’s announcement envisions a capacity that doubles to nearly two million in just more than two years and after that to as much as seven million.

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Admittedly, Rupert has struggled to keep up with the growth of just the past 10 years. With what the port has planned, the City of Prince Rupert better ramp up its planning as well.

Redesign Rupert is making headway on this much-needed groundwork in association with Community Futures and Port of Prince Rupert stakeholders including DP World, Ray-Mont Logistics and RTI.

But after this announcement, they might need to think even bigger.

After all, in five years, the Port of Prince Rupert will become Canada’s second largest port.

Their words — not ours.

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