Northern View welcomes sports reporter

Sports are a critical part of every community and, as such, should be a critical part of every community newspaper.

Sports are a critical part of every community and, as such, should be a critical part of every community newspaper.

It is in the sports section that the untold stories of our young athletes are brought to life; it is in the sports section where family and friends can track the progress of their counterparts in the community and it is in sports where the community unites around team success stories and shares in the heartache of a team’s loss.

With that in mind, the Northern View has grown its editorial staff to include a dedicated sports reporter effective immediately.

With a keen eye on the stories of North Coast athletes and a background covering a variety of events, from amateur to professional, Kevin Campbell has joined Martina Perry and Shaun Thomas as we aim to expand our coverage of sports in Prince Rupert and the surrounding area.

Below is an introduction to Kevin and his goals for the sports section of the Northern View.

“Hello to the residents of Prince Rupert and the surrounding area. My name is Kevin Campbell, and I’m your new sports reporter at the Northern View.

While I don’t claim to be raised in this lovely coastal city, I’m committed to dedicating myself to getting to know, and understanding both the sporting community, and the support networks that help sports thrive in Prince Rupert.

Coming from Waterloo, Ontario and Wilfrid Laurier University, my days as the student newspaper’s sports editor covering the Golden Hawks were some of the greatest of my undergraduate years. I spent more time in the newsroom than I did in some of my classes, much to the chagrin of my professors.

I hope to meet and speak with as many of you as I can, and to tell your stories faithfully and with conviction.”

Over the coming weeks, Kevin will be talking to those in the sporting community to make sure our coverage is the best it can be. But, as with any other type of story, the more input and feedback we can get the better.

If you are a coach, a league organizer, a team rep or simply a fan, we want to hear from you. There is now a dedicated email address where people can send their scores and results for inclusion in the sports section. Simply email and Kevin will be in touch for more information as needed.

Today marks the start of a new era in sports reporting at the Northern View, and we look forward to sharing the stories of our athletes with everyone in the region.