MLA Jennifer Rice defends her record

If the Northern View had returned our calls your readers would know that, providing its done right, John supports LNG development.


Re: Why isn’t Rice defending us?

If the Northern View had returned our calls and/or made time to meet Opposition Leader John Horgan when he was in Prince Rupert, you and your readers would know that, providing its done right, John supports LNG development in both Kitimat and Prince Rupert as do I.

Instead the Northern View published an article from the Terrace Standard, changed the headline to something inflammatory and perpetuated a gloomy myth that the leader was only in Rupert to rain on the city’s parade without ever talking to John or I.

Now I’d be pleased to elaborate more on how I’ve been “defending us” in Victoria, representing the interests of North Coast people. In fact I haven’t lost my tongue as you suggest in your Nov. 26 op-ed as I’ve been doing a lot of talking in the Legislature, including talking about LNG development and fighting for our communities to get the best deal should these developments come to fruition. I’ve been talking about Prince Rupert’s infrastructure deficits and supports that are needed to prepare us for the future. I’ve been talking about our housing and social support needs, greenhouse gas emissions, the need to protect our salmon and the importance of local jobs and training, all in relation to LNG development.

I was also here in Prince Rupert with John Horgan meeting people, the Chamber of Commerce, union leaders, visiting Port operations and potential development sites. When you finally did reply to our calls after the leader left our beautiful city, you explained you “were swamped” and too busy to meet the Leader of the Official Opposition. Now, I’ve checked both my voicemails and email accounts and I can’t find any effort on your part to reach me so, it’s no wonder you haven’t heard nor seen me as you claim.

While the Premier has been gallivanting around the globe recruiting temporary foreign worker’s for LNG projects, I’ve been demanding the BC Liberal government make a real commitment to training and hiring our workers and our up and coming youth.

You can find me on the legislative TV channel and its website. Youtube and Facebook are good bets too, or you could just pick up the phone.

Jennifer Rice

MLA – North Coast