Looking a gift horse in the mouth

It is interesting to see the different perspectives people have on the future of Prince Rupert.

As more and more people turn to our web portal at thenorthernview.com and facebook.com/thenorthernview to share their thoughts on the news of the North Coast, it is interesting to see the different perspectives people have on the future of Prince Rupert.

A prime example of the divide that exists in the community can be found on the $30-million multi-use building proposed for the old Elizabeth Apartments site. Shortly after we broke the story of the 2G Group’s massive project, the comment section lit-up with Rupertites wanting to weigh in on this new development.

The comments were a fair balance of those excited about the pending construction and the impact it will have on attracting professionals to the community, and those who say the development is unneeded in a community where many are struggling to make ends meet. The latter argue that affordable housing should come before high-end housing for the financially well off.

While there is no argument that affordable housing would benefit many in the community, the solution to lifting people out of poverty and reducing the need for affordable housing will only come through investments and projects like this one.

In this case, construction workers, hotel staff, restaurant staff and custodial positions will all need filling, creating more opportunities in the city. Indirectly, a high-end development like this one will attract professionals accustomed to a certain level of housing who are part of other major projects that will create jobs for people in Prince Rupert.

When it comes to helping economically challenged people, it could be argued a development of this nature helps more than affordable housing by creating more jobs and flowing more money into the community.

But that’s just one person’s view. Make sure to log on to thenorthernview.com or facebook.com/thenorthernview to share your thoughts and read what your neighbours think.