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In Our Opinion: Make being green easier

With no curb-side pick up in Prince Rupert, residents have to work extra hard to recycle
On July 1, the bins at the recycling depot in Prince Rupert were overflowing. (Katherine Spong photo)

It’s not easy being green, sang a lovable frog once upon a time. Residents in Prince Rupert and Port Edward could sing the same tune when it comes to recycling.

With no curb-side pickup we must put in the time to be consciously clean by sorting, organizing and delivering our recyclables to the depot when it’s open — which is during typical week-day work hours, or on the weekend in the four-hour midday window.

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While these hours may be reasonable for some, not everyone has a car to drive out there.

For those who are green-minded and do have a vehicle to haul all the sorted bins and bags to the recycling depot, if they miss that window there is an after-hours bin that accepts most recyclables, except for glass.

Judging by the insane overflow in these bins most of the time, and the lining of glass bottles below, there’s a need to expand that window for recycling inside the depot, or a need for curb-side pickup.

Nine-year-old Alexander Fast saw his niche and has launched his own recycling pick-up program twice a week for Rupert residents. He’s onto something — a youth, picking up when the city can’t, and helping coastal residents make it a little easier to be green.

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