In our Opinion: Gutsy act

Fish guts were dumped on the boat dock in Port Edward.

If someone wants to smear fish guts over public space, who is going to stop them?

‘Signs! Let’s put up more signs!’ is usually how the District of Port Edward responds but clearly the signs directing fishermen to dispose carcasses at the end of the dock in deep water aren’t being heeded.

Neither are the signs telling people that they can’t park where they block access to the boat ramp.

It’s a public space that has to be shared and yet there could be arrows painted on the ground directing people to do the right thing but after the disgusting mess left on the boat launch last Wednesday evening even common courtesy doesn’t seem to apply to some folks.

A DFO spokesperson saw the photos and called the incident “unfortunate” but only hinted at a slap on the wrist if the offender(s) was caught.

The only retribution may be the  general disgust and intrigue the photos of the incident has stirred, and some of that chatter must have reached the offender(s) who came forward after realizing that if a pile of fish guts are left on a boat ramp and no one is around it does make a sound.