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Horgan: With more opportunities, we succeed together

People in B.C. work hard every day. The way I see it, our job as government is to make sure people have the opportunity to build a better life for themselves and their families. Because with more opportunities, we succeed together.

Talent and ingenuity are bubbling up in every corner of this province. But for too long, services declined while costs for families rose. Decisions about our future benefited only the wealthy few at the top.

Our government is making different decisions. We’re working hard to make life more affordable, improve the services you count on, and build a strong, prosperous, sustainable economy that works for people in every part of the province.

This week I was in Canal Flats. The closure of the Sawmill there was a sad day for the community, but now it’s turning into a new beginning. Brian Fehr purchased the land from Canfor and opened a small steel fabrication business. I joined him as he announced the creation of the Columbia Lake Technology Centre, which will bring technology and skilled trades together under one roof.

Innovation is part of every sector of our economy. Brian sees that, and he’s creating opportunities. For our part, the province is improving access to skills training, apprenticeships and advanced education in tech. Opportunities in technology and the skilled trades should be accessible to everyone and benefit every community across B.C. – we’re working to make that happen.

To improve access to reliable high-speed internet in rural communities, our government is helping to deliver major connectivity projects. The projects will benefit people in 187 rural and remote communities, including 69 Indigenous communities. We’re also supporting businesses looking to boost export capacity, and working with economic partners around the world to expand markets and attract investment to B.C.

Another business I had the chance to visit was the Rocky Mountain Buffalo Ranch & Guest Cottage near Golden, where I met Leo (the owner) and Chester (the buffalo). It’s a great example of agriculture and tourism combined into one business, in a spectacular part of the province.

To support innovative entrepreneurs like Leo, our government is expanding tourism and promoting attractions around the province to visitors abroad. To help local farmers expand markets for their products, we’re bringing back an enhanced BuyBC marketing program. To help new farmers access land and support local food production, we’ve established GrowBC.

We believe in the ability of people and businesses in B.C. to create good jobs and prosperity for the people who live here. Our government can help by investing in people. That means good schools for our kids, quality health care you can count on, affordable childcare and better infrastructure and roads to keep the province moving.

Economic growth should benefit every British Columbian in every part of the province. We’re building a sustainable, prosperous, and diverse economy that works for people. I’m excited for the bright future ahead – with opportunities for people, and success stories that every British Columbian can be part of, and be proud of.

By John Horgan, Premier of British Columbia