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Hello Beautiful B.C.

Hi my name is Jenna Cocullo and I am the new general reporter for the Northern View
The Northern View welcomes its newest member, Jenna Cocullo, to the team. (Shannon Lough / The Northern View)

My mouth dropped open at the sight of the endless rows of trees and mountains as I crossed the B.C. border. I had to get my roommate to trade places with me in the car so he could drive and I could spend the remainder of the ride poking my head out the window like an excited puppy dog wagging my tail, taking all the excitement in. It was only three weeks ago and it was my first time venturing this far west.

I have a passion for hiking and the outdoors. I spent my free time out east climbing the Adirondack Mountains in hopes of becoming an ADK 46er. Now in B.C. it’s like I have levelled-up and I can’t wait to begin exploring this beautiful province. But that is not the only thing that brought me to B.C. The real reason is for my job as the new general reporter of The Northern View.

Originally, I was born in Montreal, home of the Habs, and lived there until September 2017 when I decided to pursue a Master of Journalism at Carleton University in Ottawa. Prior to my masters, I graduated Concordia University with a degree in Anthropology and Communication Studies.

In 2014, I headed to Nepal to climb in the Himalayas. From there I travelled around Iceland, spent a summer working in Malawi for their national newspaper, and finally, I travelled to Ecuador and Bolivia to study the concept of the rights of nature for my masters project.

Now Prince Rupert is the newest destination on my list, but I am hoping to make this place my home for a while. I have only been here for three weeks but already everyone whom I have had the pleasure of meeting has been so kind; from my coworker who took an hour out of his day to show me around town, to the lady who donated a hundred dollars when I was thrown into the Jail and Bail for the Relay For Life fundraiser, to the people who have greeted me on the streets with a warm smile and a good story. I must say I am also enjoying living in a city with no traffic.

Also, if you see a woman wandering up and down the streets trying to figure out which one of the two boulevards is the one with the Tim Hortons on it, that’s probably me, so come and say hi!