Hamilton lacks research

Mr. Hamilton, publisher of the Northern View, slipped across the line from reporting the news to wannabe newsmaker.


In the Sept. 11 edition of the Northern View Mr. Hamilton, publisher of the Northern View, slipped across the line from reporting the news and down the slippery slope to wannabe newsmaker shamefully relying on uninformed opinion and spite-filled generalizations to try and stir things up.

In only a few short paragraphs in the Sept 11 edition of Northern View he put the guide outfitting business out of business and declared Canadian hunting laws and, by inference, the courts and people who make those laws racist.

There is a critical notion that distinguishes Canada as a civilized country, it is called Rule of Law. Rule of Law implies that truth can be found and that all people will be treated equally under law, regardless of their station or race; even Conrad Black and Pamela Wallin have and will have their day in court!

Rule of law also means that we as Canadians will, through the rulings of an independent judiciary, honour the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Laws of the land, our contracts and agreements whether they are made between Governments, property owners, individuals or by corporations. Honouring our contracts is the only sure way we have of building trust, without trust there is no faith, and without faith in each other we do not stand together and are vulnerable to every attack.

It may be of interest for Mr. Hamilton to review the agreements and contracts that Canadians have made with First Nations by reading the judgments given by the Supreme Courts, judgements that include the reasons for decisions and provide summaries of our collective history. The deliberations of the courts explain the decisions that have led to different types of access to resources as well as provide an understanding of limitations and conditions that apply.

Having taken some time to be informed, before accusing the government of being racist, Mr. Hamilton may then be able to contribute to the conversation that Canada is having with First Nations people in an effort to forge a new and better relationship, in an effort to move forward together.

If Mr. Hamilton is knowingly baiting us to create interest in his newspaper so as to sell more ads, well that is pretty cynical on his part. On the other hand, if he is just lazy and uninformed that can be righted.

Peter Christensen

Oona River