EDITORIAL: Pride Month offers a message of love, acceptance and diversity

This week’s editorial.

This week’s editorial.

This month is Pride Month in Canada, and considering the state of affairs in the world these days, the message of love, acceptance and embracing diversity could not be more timely.

In one way, it’s encouraging to see that as a society, we are beginning to understand that everyone is unique, in some form or another.

On the other hand, it’s sad to think that awareness campaigns such as Pride Month and other initiatives set forth by LGBTQ communities worldwide are even necessary.

But they are.

One of the most common misinformed arguments we hear from opponents to such initiatives as Pride Month is: “Why don’t we have a Heterosexual Pride Month?”

The answer is simple: we don’t need one. Heterosexuals are not persecuted for the simple reason of loving someone that someone else deems inappropriate.

Heterosexuals don’t have to be frightened about walking down the street, hand in hand. Heterosexuals don’t have to constantly look over their shoulders, concerned about whether they are going to be the next victim of a hate crime, because of their sexual orientation.

There was a time, not too long ago, where the LGBTQ community could look at the societal progress made toward discrimination and think, “there will come a day…”

Sadly, even that concept has taken a giant leap backward these days.

Diversity is everywhere; whether it is referring to skin colour, religious denomination, or sexual orientation. We, as a species, should embrace our diversity. And, not just this month, but perhaps for many of us, starting this month, let’s be tolerant of others – as we would want them to be tolerant of us.

Hopefully, there comes a time when the need for Pride Month no longer exists.

We are certain most members of the LGBTQ community wish that same thing, nearly every day.

But as a society, we are still a long way away from there.

– Black Press Media


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