Dear Editor: No need for condos on Graham

A letter to the editor on the removal of park land from the end of Graham Avenue to propose more condos in Prince Rupert.


As long-time taxpayers in the City of Prince Rupert we would like to know how much the city paid in lawyer fees to find a way to remove park land from that designation at the end of Graham Avenue and propose to sell it to the Bryton Group for $21,000 or $2 per sq. feet, when the rest of us are paying $28-32 per sq. foot (Northern View Classifieds notice, April 27).

On Page A31 (on April 27), the city’s full-page ad (more taxpayer money) mentions residential land-use policies, a parks and open space policy and shaping our neighbourhoods.

Furthermore, at the council meeting Monday, April 25, Coun. Joy Thorkelson went on at length about developers providing green space or parks with their development. Yet two days later they are selling park land to a developer for more condos and no green space?

To stop the sale of the park land, 866 taxpayers must sign a form only available at City Hall during business hours. If you work you are out of luck!

The original plan for this property was for seniors and handicapped residents — something desperately needed in our city. We do not need what is planned at this time.

We were told the sewer line is maxed out. Who pays for that, the developer or taxpayers?

Bob and Judy Warren

Prince Rupert