Are they unemployed or unemployable?

There are statistics floating about that indicate the North Coast has an unemployment rate of about six per cent.

There are statistics floating about that indicate the North Coast has an unemployment rate of about six per cent. In Prince Rupert, most figure that number may actually be high.

But of that six per cent, are they unemployed or unemployable? Or are they, like the hundreds more not looking for a job,  just plain lazy, happy to suckle at the government teet.

Time and again, employers in Prince Rupert lament the deplorable state of the labour force — both skilled and unskilled — in this community.

What has been most surprising, if the statistics are anywhere near accurate, is somewhere around 500 people in Prince Rupert are actually ready, willing and able to work — if, when they sign their Employment Insurance benefits forms, they aren’t lying.

Yet, Rupert employers across the spectrum, offering from unskilled minimum wage positions to big dollar white and blue collar careers, are having a hell of a time finding warm bodies, let alone qualified workers.

As it stands right now, there are extremely few valid reasons to be unemployed in this city.

If, however, you have been unemployed for some time and have had no job offers, the time is now to look in the mirror.

Prince Rupert has, in my opinion, the best career development centres of any community I have every resided. If you have the gumption, Hecate Strait Development Centre and the Coastal Training Centre have the tools. You put in the time, you put in the effort, they’ll put you on the right track.

No matter your capacity or capability, there are jobs out there right now for every one who wants one. And even better, higher-paying jobs for those who want to develop their skills.

There are only three reasons someone doesn’t have a job in Prince Rupert right now:

A) Debilitating, severe mental or physical challenges — and even in these cases there are options. B) Lazy;  C) Retired.

Top 10 rules to getting a job in Prince Rupert:

1. Get off your arse; the most important step.

2. Take a shower; yes, it’s also important.

3. Put on appropriately clean clothes; no, you can’t wear an Arcade Fire tank top and Skater Boy jeans.

4. Show  up sober; more of a problem than one would think.

5. Show up on time; do a refresher course on a.m. vs. p.m.

6. Have a resumé; please spell check, yes, even your own name — free service at Hecate Strait.

7. Have a contact number; and yes, there are seven digits plus an area code in all phone numbers, special note: write it down on your resumé.

8. Don’t begin the job interview by asking how much the position pays and if you can start vacations next week; again something that happens more than one would expect.

9. Smile and be cheerful; the employer wants to give you money for your services not the other way around.

10.  Once you get a job offer, repeat Steps 1 through 5 and get the hell to work. And yes, even on days that rain.

If these 10 don’t work, see Rule No. 11.

11. Get down to Hecate or Coastal and become employable.