A Christmas list for the North Coast

The year has absolutely flown by and Christmas is just four days away!

The year has absolutely flown by and Christmas is just four days away!

It’s pretty crazy how fast the year is gone and as I write this we here in the editorial department at the Prince Rupert Northern View are busy working on our year-in-review edition(s) to take a look back at the year that was. But 2011 isn’t in the history books yet, and if Santa has a bit of extra room left in his sleigh as he jets around the world, here’s a few things he could bring to the North Coast to propel us into the new year.

First and foremost, word that Canpotex is moving forward with its environmental assessment. I know this one is a pipe dream given that the environmental assessment is underway and the current comment period won’t be over until mid-January – a comment period that will only set up another public comment period – but seriously, this goes back to the mention of a possible terminal in June of 2008 and a public meeting that September. For three years people have been chomping at the bit to see the green light on this project, and that’s a long time to wait.

Next up, in the spirit of Peace on Earth, a little peace on Watson Island would go a long way. Right now there are two separate legal issues surrounding the development of the property to get it back on the tax roll, which is also costing taxpayers the cost of lawyer bills, and this is another area that has been hanging over the people of the region since Sun Wave bought the property over five years ago.

Next up, a reduction in ferry fees. Another one unlikely to happen, but if the new CEO finds some Christmas spirit it would sure go a long way to helping tourism in both Prince Rupert and Haida Gwaii, as well as residents who have to travel to and from the island for business or personal matters.

An expansion of the port would be nice, although I would expect it to have one of those pesky “Do not open until 2013” stickers on it.

Of course this editorial was a bit of fun with the holidays, but in all seriousness I would like to wish everyone out there and your families a safe and happy holiday season. All the best to you and yours.