B.C. VIEWS: Residents have had enough of catering to squatters

Media myth of homeless victims offends those who know better

GUEST COLUMN: B.C.’s proportional representation vote is dishonest, misleading

Veteran of 2005 Citizens’ Assembly urges rejection of new voting systems

  • Oct 21st, 2018

COLUMN: Legalized pot opens doors for budding science

Research and clinical trials can thrive under Canada’s Cannabis Act legalized marijuana on October 17

In Our Opinion: What cards will the city play on Ridley Island tax share?

Prince Rupert and the District of Port Edward are locked in disagreement over a 1981 tax share deal

  • Oct 18th, 2018

Streeter: How do you feel about cannabis legalization this week?

We asked North Coast residents their thoughts about pot legalization

  • Oct 18th, 2018

LETTER: Yet another referendum?

First Past the Post electoral system because it is straight forward to understand

  • Oct 18th, 2018
Horde of zombies meet at Prince Rupert courthouse
Bloody business on display at Harbour Theatre
Heart of our City: Paul Kennedy
Coast Guard leads spill response exercise on North Coast

GUEST COLUMN: A better way to manage B.C.’s public construction

Claire Trevena responds to Andrew Wilkinson on NDP union policy

  • Oct 14th, 2018

B.C. VIEWS: Cast your municipal vote for sanity on homelessness

Thousands on waiting list while anti-capitalist bullies get priority

GUEST COLUMN: B.C.’s union-only construction plan doesn’t benefit communities

B.C. Liberal leader Andrew Wilkinson calls it payoff to NDP supporters

  • Oct 13th, 2018

COLUMN: On debate, dissent and the clash of ideas in Prince Rupert

Matthew Allen reviews the all candidates forum and the ‘vanilla’ conversation

In Our Opinion: Volunteers URGENTLY needed

Red Cross may have to shut down its equipment loan depot if no one steps up to the plate

  • Oct 11th, 2018

What’s an important issue for you in this year’s municipal election?

Streeter of the week question on voter issues for upcoming municipal elections

Column: If not now, when will we make the changes needed to stop global warming?

The thought of our children or grandchildren suffering from the ravages of climate change are unbearable to think about, too frightening to consider. So we don’t.

B.C. VIEWS: LNG breakthrough likely means higher heating bills

Rest of the province will have to tighten its carbon belt

B.C. VIEWS: LNG breakthrough likely means higher heating bills

Rest of the province will have to tighten its carbon belt

COLUMN: Fake news, what are you going to do about it?

Facebook and Google eat up advertising dollars, money that doesn’t go into supporting newspapers

Will you still vote even after the mayor has already been acclaimed?

Streeter of the week question on the upcoming municipal elections in Prince Rupert

  • Oct 4th, 2018

Op-Ed: News is wanted, but no one wants to pay for it

For National Newspaper Week, why newspapers matter now more than ever

  • Oct 4th, 2018

COLUMN: Newspapers matter, now more than ever

National Newspaper Week is Oct. 1-7

  • Oct 1st, 2018

B.C. VIEWS: Adrian Dix’s private clinic crackdown begins

Province ramps up MRI machines, but what about surgery?