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Please be advised that the District by public auction sold a property on September 25, 2023 for which John Vickers and Jane Vickers are the registered owners. The collector for the District has been unable to locate John Vickers and Jane Vickers, and hereby provides notice of the September 25,2023 tax sale of the following property pursuant to Section 657 of the Local Government Act:


The property can be redeemed by paying the amounts set out under Section 660 of the Local Government Act, which consist of the above noted Upset Price of $7,571.34 plus other applicable amounts, including daily interest, as provided for in Section 660(3) of the Local Government Act.

The redemption period (i.e. the period allowed for redemption) ends September 25, 2024, which is oneyearfrom the day of the tax sale of the property. If the property is not redeemed by that date, the title to this property will transfer to the tax sale purchaser.

If any person or party feels they have an interest in this property or wishes to redeem the property, please contact the Collector at the District of Port Edward at or 250-628-3667.

Lorraine Page

Director of Finance and Tax Collector District of Port Edward