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Notice of a Proposed Tariff Revision



The Prince Rupert Port Authority hereby provides notice of a proposed tariff revision set out below:


Harbour dues – Increase harbour dues by 5.2%.

Anchorage Fees – No change, schedule to remain $0.00.

Wharfage Fees – 5.2% increase applied to container wharfage fees and for all cargoes not otherwise specified.

Lighterage Fees – 5.2% increase applied to project cargo, logs and all cargoes not otherwise specified.

Berthage Fees – Increase berthage fees by 5.2% for both working and non-working periods.

Water Service Fees – Increase water service fees by 5.2%. This proposed tariff revision will come into effect on January 1, 2024.

For your convenience the proposed tariff has been posted to our website at:

Persons interested in making representation in writing to the Port Authority about the proposed tariff may do so by December 11, 2023 by writing to:

Prince Rupert Port Authority

200 – 215 Cow Bay Road,

Prince Rupert, BC V8J 1A2, Canada

Phone: 250-627-8899 |

Fax: 250-627-8980


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