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Land Act: Notice of Application for a Disposition of Crown Land

Land Act

Land Act: 

Notice of Application for a Disposition of Crown Land

Take notice that Colas Western Canada Inc. from Surrey, BC, have applied to the Ministry of Forests, Smithers, for a Licence of Occupation for an Electric Power Line situated on Provincial Crown land located in the vicinity of the Ridley Island Corridor.

The Lands File for this application is 6409440. Please visit the website at to view the application and submit comments online. Alternatively, written comments can be directed to the Senior Authorizations Specialist, Ministry of Forests, at Bag 5000 – 3726 Alfred Ave, Smithers, BC V0J 2N0. Comments will be received by the Ministry of Forests up to October 19, 2023. The Ministry of Forests may not be able to consider comments received after this date.

Be advised that any response to this advertisement will be considered part of the public record. For information, contact the Freedom of Information Advisor at Ministry of Forests Office in Smithers.