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Interfor, Mid – North Coast Multi-Licensee Forest Stewardship Plan Amendment


[gps-image name="35130769_web1_231214-CAN-GFG-NAL-PublicNotice-ForestStewardship-InterforLogo_1.jpg"]Interfor Corporation (Interfor) gives notice and invites comments on the proposed major amendment to the Mid – North Coast Multi-Licensee Forest Stewardship Plan (FSP). The amendment is necessary to comply with the July 27, 2023, Great Bear Rainforest Land Use Objective Order and covers portions of the Great Bear Rainforest North Timber Supply Area within the North Island Central Coast and Coast Mountain Natural Resource Districts.


The FSP shows the location of Forest Development Units (FDUs) and provides a result or strategy that the FSP holders will follow for each objective the government has set for forest and resource values. The FSP is available for review by resource agencies and the public before the Delegated Decision Maker from the Ministry of Forests considers approval.

The FSP may be adjusted as a result of written comments received during the public review and comment period. The public review and comment period extends from January 18, 2024, to March 18, 2024. This plan is available for review at the location and dates noted below. Upon written request, alternate arrangements can be made to facilitate a paper review of the FSP. Please phone in advance to arrange an appointment.


To ensure consideration, any written comments must be received no later than March 18, 2024.

Please send written comments to:

Interfor Corporation

Attn: Kai Sonnenburg, RPF

1250-A Ironwood Street

Campbell River, BC, V9W 6H5

Telephone: (250) 287-6014