Signs outside Rushbrook Trail to remind the public that it’s still closed. (Matthew Allen / The Northern View)

Signs outside Rushbrook Trail to remind the public that it’s still closed. (Matthew Allen / The Northern View)

“Work with us,” Kaien Trails asks the public to stay off Rushbrook

Prince Rupert’s waterfront Rushbrook Trail is expected to be ready in the spring 2018

Fifteen years of waiting, and for some residents the temptation to explore Rushbrook Trail before its completion is too much.

The City of Prince Rupert and Kaien Trails Society is reminding residents that the inviting pathway visible from the edges of the trail is only a teaser for what is to come.

“We would like to remind the public that the Rushbrook Trail is currently closed,” read an alert from the city on Feb. 21.

Yes, the trail has been officially closed more 15 years, and people often ignore the warning signs posted at the start of the trail, but the president of Kaien Trails, Sean Carlson, is asking for just a little more patience.

“The main issue right now is that the insurance coverage the society has for the trail is only for the operation and maintenance of the trial once the improvements have been made. Anyone using the site (now), if they were injured there would be potential issues on who would be responsible,” Carlson said.

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The major safety improvements to move the trail away from the rock slope has not been completed. In the next month, the contractor, Bear Creek Contracting, will be making improvements to site safety, and Kaien Trails Society is asking that the public doesn’t cross the boundary during this time.

“Work with us to make sure it happens in a safe way,” Carlson said.

Last week, Kaien Trails and funding partners had their first walk through of the site with the contractor. Carlson is thrilled with how the trail is coming together.

“It’s going to be an amazing, completely different than it was before. Way better access to the waterfront through the new route. It completely changes the look and feel of the area down there,” he said.

The budget for the trail was approximately $1 million. One of the remaining elements left to be included are the bridges, which are being built by Progressive Steel Industries in Prince Rupert.

Kaien Trails doesn’t have an exact date yet on when the trail will be open to the public, but they’re expecting some time in the spring.

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