Traffic through Prince Rupert’s Fairview Terminal down through first three quarters

Prince Rupert's Fairview Terminal saw a decline in tonnage through the first three quarters of 2013.

Prince Rupert’s Fairview Terminal saw a decline in tonnage through the first three quarters of 2013.

In September, there were 44,733 20-foot equivalent units (TEUs) handled through Fairview Terminal compared to 52,993.5 in September, 2012, a difference of 15.6 per cent year-over-year. Both imports and exports were down at Fairview, with imports decreasing by 12.8 per cent and exports by 30 per cent. The total TEUs imported through Fairview Terminal last month was 26,056.3 compared to 29,876.8 in September, 2012, with exports being 16,176.8 compared to 23,116.8 last year.

The year-to-date total of TEUs moved through Fairview Terminal in 2013 is 403,448.5 TEUs which, when compared to 2012’s September year-to-date total of 421,670.9, is down by 4.3 per cent. In 2013 imports are down 4.5 per cent, with 227,696.5 TEUs being moved through Fairview so far this year, compared to 238,464.4 last year. Exports are also down by 5.4 per cent, with 173,252 TEUs going through Fairview so far this year, compared to 183,206.5 in 2012.

But all other PRPA tenants saw increases in cargo so far this year, with Harbour Terminal seeing the largest increase. In September, the terminal had 45,420 tonnes move through, which is up 87.1 per cent from September 2012’s total tonnage of 24,280. Harbour Terminal’s year-to-date total is up by 30 per cent, with 2013’s year-to-date tonnage being 297,882.7 compared to 229,001 tonnes in 2012.

While Prince Rupert Grain’s (PRG) tonnage decreased significantly in September, the terminal’s year-to-date total still increased. In September, Prince Rupert Grain’s total tonnage was 163,860, down 43 per cent from September 2012 when 288,158.3 tonnes was handled at the terminal. But PRG still saw a 12.7 per cent increase in tonnes handled year-to-date, with 3,570,994 tonnes being handled in 2013 so far, compared to 3,168,016.7 in 2012 by the end of September.

Ridley Terminals saw increases, both year -over-year and year-to-date last month. The coal exporting terminal handled 1,270,080 tonnes last month, which was a 49.7 per cent increase compared to September, 2012 when 848,150 tonnes was handled at the terminal. The year to date tonnage was up 11 per cent from last year, when 8,484,156 tonnes was handled by the end of September, compared to 9,415,851 this year.

Overall, 1,901,690 tonnes were handled at PRPA terminals in September, which is up 12.5 per cent from last September’s total of 1,690,523. The year to date total is also up 7.4 per cent from last year’s total tonnage of 16,104,272, with 17,301,385 tonnesĀ  through the first nine months of this