Traffic through Fairview Terminal up 81 per cent to start 2012

The Prince Rupert Port Authority released the stats through February , and Fairview Terminal continues to see a large increase in traffic.

The Prince Rupert Port Authority released the stats through the end of February for the various terminals around town, and Fairview Terminal continues to see a significant increase in traffic being handled.

The total tonnage handled at Fairview was up 67.6 per cent compared to last February, sitting at just over 31,000 TEUs compared to 18,506 TEUs last month, with imports up 48.9 per cent at 15,719 TEUs. Exports through Prince Rupert were up 92.5 per cent, sitting at 15,304 TEUs compared to 7,948 last year. The number of loaded TEUs was up 61.7 per cent from last February and the number of empty containers was up 201 per cent.

Looking at the first two months of 2012 traffic through Fairview Terminal is up 81.6 per cent, with 75,501 TEUs being handled in Prince Rupert. Imports are up 77.1 per cent and exports are up 87.3 per cent, with the number of loaded containers being shipped out up 49.8 per cent.

Prince Rupert Grain also saw an increase in traffic, shipping 551,834 tonnes last month compared to 353,067 tonnes in February 2011. So far this year the terminal has shipped 822,244 tonnes, up 12.3 per cent compared to the first two months of 2011.

After another record year last year and in the midst of an expansion, the numbers for Ridley Terminals show a drop last month and so far this year. In February coal shipping through RTI was down 22.6 per cent at 492,588 tonnes, and so far this year the number is down 47.2 per cent, with 800,227 tonnes shipping so far compared to 1.5 million tonnes in the first two months of 2011.

According to Ridley Terminals spokesperson Michelle Bryant the drop in shipping is a reflection of the global markets, which has seen the price of coal drop.

There was also a drastic drop in the number of logs being shipped from the harbour. In February the number was down 78.8 per cent  and so far in 2012 log exports have fallen from 103,965 tonnes to just 11,568 tonnes, a drop of 88.9 per cent.