Tourist bus stolen from hotel parking lot

Tourist bus stolen from hotel parking lot

One suspect has been arrested after the bus tore through Prince Rupert streets

Seniors from Vancouver had their tour bus stolen in the middle of the night from their hotel parking lot.

The bus ripped through downtown Prince Rupert leaving tire marks along Third Avenue West and in the alleyway near Northwest Community College.

Police received a call about the squealing bus at approximately 2:56 a.m. on Sept. 6, and they located the vehicle parked on Highway 16 with two of its tires significantly damaged.

“Police located one individual on the bus and they were subsequently arrested and taken into custody,” said Sgt. Dave Uppal, acting officer in charge. “We have the bus in our possession and we will further our investigation with our forensic team to identify which individual may or may not have been on the bus.”

The bus owned by Charter Bus Lines is now inoperable, and in the morning company arranged to have a local carrier pick the tourists up from their hotel and bring them to the ferry terminal.

The suspect remains in police custody. Uppal said no one has been formally charged as of Sept. 6, 4 p.m. A number of charges could apply but the police are sorting through the evidence to determine which charge applies.

Prince Rupert RCMP


Tourist bus stolen from hotel parking lot