Shecana looking for host families in Prince Rupert

International exchange group Shecana is looking for host families for three European students coming to Prince Rupert in the fall of 2012.

International exchange group Shecana is looking for host families for three European students in Prince Rupert for the fall of 2012.

Two female students and one male student are seeking host families in the community, with one exchange lasting for five months and the others lasting the 10 months of the school year.

18-year old Emma comes from Patamalm Sweden, a community of about 100 people located about 500 metres from the Baltic Sea. Emma enjoys sports and swims four times per week, in addition to helping teach other students how to swim. She also enjoys reading, photography and has “a broad taste in music”. She has a 29-year old sister and a 27-year old brother, and says she enjoys spending time with children and has “always dreamed of having a little brother or sister to play with”. Emma is arriving in September for a 10-month exchange.

17-year old Lina lives with her older brother, mom and dad in a flat in Berlin, Germany. She palys the piano, paints, draws and enjoys ice skating, photography, cooking and baking and musicals. She is described as an active, friendly, open, polite, responsible person. Lina is also on a 10-month exchange.

15-year old Niels is looking for a host family for five months. Niels also lives in Berlin, Germany and grew up with one brother. Niels lists tennis, snowboarding, skiing and biking among his sporting interests, while time is also spent playing video games or reading books. Niels is described as friendly, reliable, helpful, curious and opinionated.

“I have never been to Canada before so I am very excited to spend five months there. I am very happy to have the chance to discover the people and the country in other ways than tourists usually do,” he wrote.

Host families must have parents at least 25-years old and be willing to provide room and board for the student for the duration of the stay. The program does provide an honorarium and the students arrive with full medical insurance. As well there is a local program contact and a 24-hour support line for host families if needed.

For more on hosting a student, including the application form, visit www.shecana.ca.