School District 52 in Prince Rupert holds community forums to gather input

Concerns over flexibility and current graduation requirements have prompted the government and S.D. 52 to hold public consultations.

Current graduation requirements have caused a stumbling block to new efforts to make Prince Rupert and B.C.’s education system more flexible.

“[The province] will look at what all the people are saying on what the future students need in terms of graduation and then respond accordingly with new graduation requirements,” Lynn Hauptman, School District 52 superintendent, said.

The British Columbian Ministry of Education is aiming to make improvements to what they consider to be an already strong education system by making it more flexible and adaptable.

However, concerns over this new flexibility and current graduation requirements have prompted the government and S.D. 52 in Prince Rupert to hold public consultations.

On Sept. 25, approximately 30 people attended a forum at Charles Hays Secondary School (CHSS). Groups at the forum delivered input into the education plan’s five key elements: personalized learning for every student, quality teaching and learning, flexibility and choice, high standards and learning empowered by technology.

The school district used the meeting as an opportunity to bring people up-to-date in what they have done to contribute to improving the achievement of students, such as the cross-curricular Grade 9 Modern Education.

The ministry, who is scheduled to have a draft report of the proposed new graduation requirements by the spring 2013, has created a presentation for districts to show. In Prince Rupert, this will happen on Thursday, Oct. 4 at the multipurpose room at CHSS. At this time the district will also gather input to develop recommendations for a new graduation program.