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Renovicted Prince Rupert tenants claim no where to go

Pinecrest tenant Jen Quick said landlord has not paid as per settlement agreement
Jen Quick and her children Grace White and Keenan White had until Sept. 30 to vacate the Pinecrest Townhouses after receiving a renoviction notice on Feb. 26. As of Sept. 29 the family had not been able to find housing. (Photo: K-J Millar/The Northern View)

The Sept. 30 renoviction date for many families living at Pinecrest Townhomes in Prince Rupert has come and gone with several not being able to find alternative housing, tenant of 10 years, Jennifer Quick said.

Quick told The Northern View apart from there being no available housing in Prince Rupert for families to move to, she has not received ‘one red cent’ from the landlord as was agreed to in the settlement prior to vacate.

As reported in The Northern View on March 19, 2020, Steve Rodrozen and Avichai Shachar, the principal partners in 1232949 B.C. Ltd. which owns the Pinecrest Townhouses, agreed to pay an advanced lump sum of three months rent equivalent so tenants would have the funds to be able to secure new housing, as well as the last month of the tenancy being rent free.

Quick said she was also contacted by the landlord’s property management company, Randall North, and requested to pay rent for September when the agent hadn’t received it, despite it not being owed under the terms of the agreement.

Shachar told The Northern View on Oct. 1, that missed payments to tenants were an oversight in the midst of eviction extensions due to COVID-19 and the landlord was in the process of sorting it out. Tenants should receive payments today (Oct. 1), he said.

“We do understand and realize that the (missed) three months advance payment of the financial (settlement) that we agreed on with the tenants at Pinecrest was our error and mistake. We take full responsibility for that.”

“I am on my way to the bank now,” Shachar said.

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