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Rainbow Resilience - Part Two

Prisms of colourful hope in Prince Rupert with continued hearts and messages of love

Rainbows have different meanings to different people and cultures. Rainbows have a place in fokelore and history due to the colour, beauty and the optics of illusion. Rainbows are also seen as a sign of good luck and can offer motivation and provide us with hope.

In the dark days of COVID-19 many sparks of light and acts of love are springing up in Prince Rupert to offer hope and a show of resilience against the viral war that we are all fighting. Whether it be a paper heart, booming blasts from ships,wailing of sirens, or a parade of car horns, many believe there is nothing stronger than the promise a single rainbow gives.

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Prince Rupert is standing in solidarity as hearts and rainbows appear in windows and doors all over town as messages to friends and loved ones in the days of self isolation and social distancing.

Reach out and touch your neighbours by giving them the pot of gold at the end of a colourful arch - wave to them from across the street, paste your coloured hearts in your windows, paint your rainbows, and shine your lights to show Prince Rupert’s rainbow resilience.


K-J Millar | Journalist
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