Prince Rupert’s NWCC campus to host student rally

Tomorrow, for Student Day of Action, campuses across the country will be hosting rallies and events, including Prince Rupert's NWCC campus.

Tomorrow the Northwest Community College Students’ Union will be hosting an on-campus information session and rally at Prince Rupert’s NWCC campus as part of the Canadian Federation of Students’ Education is a Right campaign, a fight to reduce tuition fees, drop student debt and increase education funding.

“The hope of this campaign is that the Federal Government actually moves to increase funding to our institutions and then the institutions can produce tuition fees which will reduce the level of debt students carrying upon graduation.” Started Mikael Jensen, NWCC Students’ Union Organizer, adding, “[The campaign] is a call on the federal government and the provincial government.”

The Canadian Federation of Students is Canada’s biggest student organization. The Federation joins together 80 students’ unions, one of which being the Northwest Community College Students’ Union, and close to 600,000 individual members in Canada.

Each year the organization holds a Student Day of Action, when students across Canada will be taking action by holding rallies and other events in their communities.

In Prince Rupert, the information session and rally will occur at the local NWCC campus in the Multi-Purpose Room. The event will begin at 11 a.m. and will run until 1 p.m. with keynote speakers, drumming and rallying.