Prince Rupert’s Fairview Terminal sees traffic double year-to-year

The Prince Rupert Port Authority released numbers for April, and the figures show the traffic at Fairview Terminal doubled year-to-year.

The Prince Rupert Port Authority released its numbers for April on Monday, and the figures show the traffic through Fairview Terminal doubled year-to-year.

In April there were 45,893.8 TEUs moving through the terminal, up 103.6 per cent from the 22,544.3 TEUs that were handled last April. Imports were up 88.5 per cent to sit at 27,610 TEUs and exports were up 131.6 per cent from 7,893.8 TEUs to 18,283.8 TEUs. In terms of export, the number of loaded containers jumped from 5,746 last April to 10,573.8 this April and empty conatiners were up from 2,147.8 TEUs to 7,710 TEUs.

So far this year the tonnage handled at Fairview Terminal is just shy of double, up 97.5 per cent from 87,925.3 tonnes to 173,649.2 tonnes. Imports are up 95.3 per cent and currently sit at 97,849.9 TEUs while exports have doubled from 37,810.8 TEUs to 75,799.3 TEUs.

After being down from last year in the early part of 2012, Ridley Terminals is rebounding and is up from the record tonnage handled last year. In April the terminal handled 1.164 million tonnes of product, up 79 per cent from last year, and so far the terminal has handled 3.11 million tonnes compared to 3.05 million tonnes last year – a difference of 1.9 per cent.

Prince Rupert Grain is also up slightly year-to-year and so far in 2012. In April the terminal handled 463,840 tonnes compared to 457,458 tonnes last April, and so far the terminal has moved through 1.74 million tonnes compared to 1.72 million tonnes last year – a difference of 1.3 per cent.

After a very slow start to the year, the tonnage of logs exported through the harbour climbed sharply in April. Last month there were 33,058 tonnes of log shipped compared to 19,324 tonnes last year. However, the overall number of logs is still down significantly through the first four months of 2012, dropping 60.5 per cent from 168,556 in 2011 to 66,644 this year.

Overall, the Port of Prince Rupert handled 56.7 per cent more tonnage this April than last April with 2.12 million tonnes moving through all of the terminals. So far this year, Prince Rupert is on track for another record year as the total tonnage is up 14.4 per cent from 2011, sitting at 6.66 million tonnes, when the Prince Rupert Port Authority set another record.