A conceptual drawing of the proposed second terminal to be assessed in a feasibility study by the Prince Rupert Port Authority and DP World, which was announced on Feb. 24. (Photo: supplied)

A conceptual drawing of the proposed second terminal to be assessed in a feasibility study by the Prince Rupert Port Authority and DP World, which was announced on Feb. 24. (Photo: supplied)

Prince Rupert Port seeking to double capacity with 2nd container terminal

Proposed project will address Canada’s trade capacity and reduce risk of future supply disruptions

A new partnership between Prince Rupert Port Authority (PRPA) and DP World to complete a feasibility assessment for a new container terminal project in Prince Rupert was announced, in a joint statement by both organizations, on Feb. 24.

The potential project will significantly increase trade capacity with “critical” Asia-pacific markets by adding up to two million twenty-foot equivalents units (ETUs) of capacity to the Prince Rupert port on an annual basis, PRPA stated.

“A second container terminal will help consumers, exporters and industries across the country while continuing to contribute significant economic benefit for local communities, the broader region and our Indigenous partners,” Shaun Stevenson, president and CEO of the PRPA, said.

A new terminal to be located south of the existing Fairview Terminal falls under the forward momentum of the 2019 PRPA’s master plan.

Under the new agreement, both parties will engage in numerous studies on the proposed site. These will focus on minimizing environmental and community impact, improving the resilience of Canadian supply chains, and ensuring the project’s full integration into the Port’s intermodal ecosystem.

“Our vision for this proposed project will ensure the Canadian trade and supply chain landscapes are future-proofed. The feasibility studies will employ a pragmatic approach, exploring the use of advanced technologies and ideas to position the new terminal as an industry leader within Canada and the world,” Maksim Mihic, CEO and general manager of DP World (Canada) Inc., said.

According to DP World, Canada needs additional container terminals within the next decade, and a second terminal will increase industry access to faster service, wider reach and reliability.

“Current expansion projects and logistical work are positioning Fairview Terminal as a fully integrated intermodal system that will provide unparalleled speed, efficiency, and competitiveness for Canadian shippers,” the partnership announcement reads.

“The project’s development will maximize the value of strategic Prince Rupert attributes such as the shortest marine link to key markets, direct, safe, uncongested marine approaches and harbour, available industrial land with room to expand critical logistics, transloading and warehousing activities and North American access via CN’s Class 1 northern mainline, which has significant capacity to grow,” PRPA stated.

Once the study period is complete, both partners will finalize a definitive project development plan that will be subject to regulatory review and authorization.

“If this project were to proceed, our community would see a major increase in jobs and economic activity,” Lee Brain, mayor of Prince Rupert, stated on social media. “With all the current and proposed projects, our community’s population is expected to rise significantly by 2030 — based on estimated job numbers,”

“It’s full steam ahead as Prince Rupert continues to make its mark on the global scale – and becomes the go-to place for investments into Canada’s northern national trade corridor,” the mayor said.

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