Prince Rupert Port Authority planning to buy and develop land in Cow Bay

Cow Bay could look different in the coming years as the Prince Rupert Port Authority has made an offer to purchase land from the City.

The Cow Bay area could look quite different in the coming years as the Prince Rupert Port Authority has made an offer to purchase the parking lot across from Atlin Terminal and the grassy knoll leading to Northland Terminal from the City of Prince Rupert for  an estimated $824,387.

While the sale of the two properties has yet to be completed, with inquiries on the sale being invited by the City between now and 4:30 p.m. on November 25, the Port Authority has already begun the process of looking at what can be done with the land.

“The Prince Rupert Port Authority has has engaged architectural firm MGB of Vancouver to formulate a development plan for the entire area.   The planning process will build upon the City of Prince Rupert’s Official Community Plan and PRPA’s Land Use Management Plan processes and gain further input from community stakeholders to guide development planning. The goal is to create a development vision for the entire central waterfront area that enhances the area for the community and tourism,” said Manager of Corporate Communications Michael Gurney, adding that meetings with stakeholders begin this week.

“The properties are complimentary to other PRPA property holdings in the area and together, may hold potential for future mixed used development featuring commercial properties and public spaces building upon the existing Cow Bay and central waterfront capacities.”

Shaun Stevenson, Vice-president of Marketing and Business Develo-pment, added that the Port Authority hopes to only add to the unique atmosphere in Cow Bay through the development of the area.

“The Cow Bay area is a vibrant and attractive destination for both residents and visitors to Prince Rupert. We hope to build upon this success and further enhance waterfront development through this plan,” he said.